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So yoy are interested in having your ad on my site? Well I'm all far that but if you don't want be an Affiliate, but to just have your photo/link showing up at the button of my site, that's okay, right?

Well if you are okay with that, here's the rules for your photo.
tumblr-m0kf8cuw-Tb1qb1380 You need a site.
tumblr-m0kf8cuw-Tb1qb1380 Photo must be PG.
tumblr-m0kf8cuw-Tb1qb1380 Size of photo must bu 500 x 150.
tumblr-m0kf8cuw-Tb1qb1380 Any site is allowed.

Prizes: Yes this isn't a free thing.
One month - free
2 months - $5
A Year - $10
Longer - Talk to me about it.

How to apply?
Email me at salyadarken@tainted-wingz.aetherion.org with the subjust as "Ad". That simple.
Once I email you back, that is when you pay, depending on what you ordered.

Preview below: